“Herd path?! A herd of what, water?” 25, 26, & 27 – Gray, Skylight, & Marcy

June 23-24, 2015

As June 24th is a holiday for us Quebecers, we both had the day off. So after work on Tuesday the 23rd, we packed up the car, drove the 2 hours to the HPIC, parked, and walked the 2 miles into the Marcy Dam lean-tos. We hoped to snag a lean-to but at the late hour that it was (midnight) by the time we arrived I did not wish to disturb anyone already asleep. So we set up our tent on a designated campsite nearby, stashed our bear canister far enough away, and crawled into our sleeping bags.


We woke up somewhere around 6:30 am. I ate a croissant and banana for breakfast. We opted (read: procrastinated) to take down our tent on our way out.  By 7:20 am we were pausing for photos at Marcy Dam. Once across the bridge just below the dam, I descended to the stream to filter some fresh water.

DSCF1801 DSCF1804

We headed up the path towards Lake Arnold with plans to complete the 3 mountains in a counter-clockwise loop by descending the Van Hoevenberg trail after Marcy.

DSCF1808 DSCF1810



We reached this random marker at 9:00 am on the way up to Lake Arnold.


A Red Eft

DSCF1818 DSCF1823 DSCF1825 DSCF1827

At around 10 am we reached  floating bridges.


We took a break at Feldspar Lean-to for a snack and some Mountain Dew.


DSCF1844  DSCF1848
DSCF1885 DSCF1861


Marcy from Lake Tear


Cairn and herd path to Gray





At noon, we reached Lake Tear of the Clouds. We walked past the herd path up Gray to the lake for another quick snack and some photos of Marcy. We then headed back the very short distance to the herd path. We had decided to pack my camera and our water into one of our backpacks while leaving most of the heavier items behind for our short jaunt up to Gray. It took us 30 minutes to climb from the marked path to the summit of Gray.






1 pm # 25 Gray DSCF1863


Marcy from Gray


DSCF1866 DSCF1868  DSCF1873 DSCF1876  DSCF1878



Steep bit of scrambling on the way to/from Gray. We had done the scramble on the way up but on the way down, I opted to take a path that led to the side around this scary part.

During the half hour of typical herd path walking, there were two nice scrambles. The one above and this one, I had my brother film.

DSCF1886 DSCF1889

We got back to Lake Tear, took a decent break, and walked over to 4 Corners. At 4 Corners, we dropped our heavy stuff once more and made another quick jaunt up to Skylight. It was about another half-hour from the junction to the summit of Skylight, including a quick snack break in my stone recliner.

DSCF1890  DSCF1896 DSCF1899  DSCF1902 DSCF1904

DSCF1907 DSCF1908


View of hikers on Schofield Coble

3 pm # 26 Skylight

DSCF1912 DSCF1913   DSCF1917  DSCF1920 DSCF1919 DSCF1922 DSCF1925 DSCF1926 DSCF1927 DSCF1928


Sibling selfie on our way up to Marcy


You can actually see the trail up Skylight as you ascend Marcy




DSCF1931 DSCF1933 DSCF1934 DSCF1935

When we reached the treeline, we turned on the GoPro for the breathtaking climb up the last few hundred feet.


Merrells at the summit of Marcy

4:45pm #27 Marcy


DSCF1940 DSCF1942 DSCF1943 DSCF1945 DSCF1949 DSCF1950

We hung around on the summit for about a half-hour. It was quite cold so I lent my brother my headband and donned my toque. We found a spot somewhat sheltered from the wind to rest our feet, eat a snack, and attempt a call to mom.

DSCF1952 DSCF1953 DSCF1954 DSCF1956 DSCF1957 DSCF1958 DSCF1962 DSCF1963 DSCF1964 DSCF1965

I took a lot of photos on the way down including one of Zach holding up the mountain.  DSCF1968 DSCF1969 DSCF1970  DSCF1972 DSCF1974 DSCF1975 DSCF1976 DSCF1977 DSCF1978 DSCF1983 DSCF1986 DSCF1987 DSCF1988 DSCF1989


Mother Nature tried to steal my water bottle right out of my backpack’s side pocket


This would make a lovely campsite except that it breaks the rules for camping near the trail and above 3500 feet.

DSCF1995 DSCF1998

DSCF2001 DSCF2002  DSCF2007  DSCF2009 DSCF2010

Despite racing down the mountain to get back before it got too dark, we took a nice break at the top of Indian Falls. DSCF2014 DSCF2015

We signed out of the register at Marcy Dam at 8:30pm.

DSCF2020 DSCF2021

Back at camp, we reluctantly started packing up.


At 9:20 pm we signed out of the trail register and gratefully walked across the parking lot to my car.


Day 1

2.3 miles. 1 hour.

Day 2

15 miles. 14 hours.


The one when I saw more people in one day than I saw all last summer.

June 6, 2015

Hugo and I set out from one of the father parking areas on Route 73 just before 11 am. It was a gorgeous day and just the right temperature. We had decided to hike Cascade and possibly Porter for Hugo’s first introduction to the High Peaks and my first High Peak repetition.


DSCF1740 DSCF1741

We climbed steadily with a few quick breaks for snacks. I was pleasantly surprised to see some work had been done to the trail to avoid some of the mucky mess from last time. We reached the junction between Porter and Cascade at 12:30 am and it was another quick few minutes up to the summit of Cascade with some pauses along the way for photos.


DSCF1742 DSCF1743 DSCF1745 DSCF1746



New boardwalks to avoid what was once some wet spots


DSCF1751 DSCF1753 DSCF1760 DSCF1761



Lounging on the summit of Cascade


Hugo’s first high peak

DSCF1768 DSCF1770 DSCF1771 DSCF1773 DSCF1774






After eating lunch, taking photos, and lounging around on the summit for about an hour, we began making our way back down.



On the way down, we stopped at the creek to try filtering water with my new SteriPEN. Up until this point, I had borrowed my father’s SteriPEN for all of my water purifying needs but recently I bought myself one of my own.

DSCF1785 DSCF1788 DSCF1792

The 46ers Film

Just donated the funds necessary to procure myself a copy of the 46ers Film once it is released. Now I am looking forward to October to see it.
There is still some time to donate!


“Isn’t it a little cold for that?” #24 Phelps

January 10, 2015

On Saturday, I joined a group of other hikers at approximately 9 am at the High Peaks Information Center for a guided hike up Phelps as part of ADK Winterfest. We signed in at the trail register at about 9:15 am and began to make our way along the fairly packed trail. Snowshoes were hardly necessary but we wore them as it is a rule to prevent post-holing.

The walking was fairly easy. It was a beautiful day and the air was crisp. It was a pretty straightforward hike. The trail to Phelps is well maintained and easy to follow. Several in our group were already 46ers and Winter 46ers. There was also a group of women from the Cornwall, Ontario area who were all in great shape. Again on a group hike I felt the most inexperienced. But that just meant I had the most to learn.
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Not a 46er. Just one of the many Owl’s Head Mountains.

January 2, 2015

So this was not a 4000 footer but it was a great chance to test out some of the new gear I had recently bought. This Owl’s Head Mountain is located next to the the small village of Owl’s Head which is just East of Titus Mountain.

The whole hike is about 1 hour up, 1 hour down so it makes for a very quick little walk in the woods.
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“Did anyone pack their canoe?!” 22 & 23: Panther & Couchsachraga

October 12, 2014

During the hike to Marshall with the Adirondack Mountain Club, I spent some time talking with the only other solo woman in the group and at the end of the day we exchanged emails so that we might one day hike together again. So on Saturday the 11th, I headed down to Newcomb, NY to the Hoot Owl Lodge where I planned to meet Anya and her friend Steph. I arrived around 7 pm and we enjoyed the comfort of the bed and breakfast while discussing our plans for the next day as well as some of our previous hiking experiences. After not too long, we headed up to our room to get to sleep so we would be well-rested for the next day. The Hoot Owl Lodge was very comfortable, we stayed in the Santanoni Room which had a double and single bed in it. There was a full bathroom on each floor and the common spaces were very cozy. The next morning we awoke at 5 am, ate breakfast (an array of continental-breakfast type foods was available since we were leaving so early) and hit the road at 5:30 am to arrive at the trail-head by 6 am.

We signed in at the trail register at 6 with plans to summit Panther, Couchsachraga and Sanatanoni. We set off at a brisk pace down the road despite the difficulty of walking over uneven rocks in the dark. We each had our headlamps which helped but we still managed to miss the turn off onto the trail. This was the first time I have ever started in the dark. At one point, Anya seemed to think the sun was coming up but upon reaching a clearing, I pointed out we could still see stars including the constellation Orion. “Okay maybe it’s not the sun yet,” she replied.
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“Y’all ready for this?” 20 & 21: Nye & Street

September 28, 2014

After reading and enjoying her blog, I reached out to the quasi-famous blogger of fortysixupsanddowns, Miyoko. Although she had completed the 46 last year, I suggested that if she ever wanted to revisit one of the mountains, I would welcome a new hiking partner. So after a few exchanged emails we decided on Street & Nye. Unfortunately our drives down to the ADK weren’t quite close enough to warrant carpooling but it worked out just the same as she jumped in with her parents and I hopped in with my dad and brother who would be downhill biking at Whiteface once more.

My dad dropped me off at the HPIC around 9 am. As it was a shorter hike, Miyoko and I had decided to enjoy a later start. Shortly after I arrived, Miyoko joined me and we left the HPIC moments later, talking at a rapid pace. We were both excited for the day ahead of us.
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